How To Display HTML Tags

If you ever wanted to display HTML tags inside a post, you'd usually get this error (blogger)
Whatever the tag maybe. To solve this, I read an article that suggested the use of special character sequence in HTML.

To display the right bracket <, type
To display the left bracket >, type


Making Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

Everyone with a blog should want to have their blogs reached by popular search engines, such as google. Well, one important step is to ensure you have meta tags setup! I'll list here the walkthrough for blogger users!

1-First go to your dashboard and click on "Layout"
2-Click "Edit HTML" and find this line .
3-Directly beneath it, copy/paste these:

<meta content="ADD YOUR SITE DESCRIPTION HERE" name="description"> <meta content="ADD YOUR KEYWORDS HERE" name="keywords"> <meta content="ADD YOUR NAME HERE" name="author">

That's it! But make sure you choose your description and keywords very wisely, otherwise it won't be as effective!


BootMGR is Missing Fix

Sometimes (only happened to me once) you'll get this error on bootup. Most people get it when they dual-boot Vista with Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro). I got this before I even could access the Grub menu (The black screen where you choose which OS to boot). So I loaded Ubuntu 8.10 LiveCD and opened Terminal and typed:

mkdir /mnt/root
mount /dev/xxx? /mnt/root
chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash
grub-install /dev/xxx

Or simply just this:

chroot /mnt/root
grub-install /dev/xxx


Creating Soft Links

Soft links, or short-cuts are very useful in our everyday life. Soft links are more powerful than Windows' short-cuts. I'll just stick to how you can do it.

cd /destination/folder
ln -s /file/to/link name_of_new_link

It's as easy as that!


Changing MAC Address of NIC

Hello! I will tell you how to change the MAC address of your network card. It may seem weird and unnecessary, but it could come in handy.

First you need to download a program called mac changer, here's how:

sudo apt-get install macchanger

After that, you use it like this:
sudo macchanger Option Device

Option here could be any number of things, including:
-h, --help Print this help
-V, --version Print version and exit
-s, --show Print the MAC address and exit
-e, --endding Don't change the vendor bytes
-a, --another Set random vendor MAC of the same kind
-A Set random vendor MAC of any kind
-r, --random Set fully random MAC
-l, --list[=keyword] Print known vendors
-m, --mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

I usually use the -r, --random option but it's up to you! As for the Device part, it's your network card. To find its name, go to System->Administration->Network Tools. Under Network Device, you'll find what you want. But generally speaking, ethernet connections usually have the name "eth0".

Say I want to change my MAC address of my ethernet card to a random new address. I do it like this:
sudo macchanger --random eth0

Hope you find this useful.


Playing Rmvb Videos in Ubuntu

I'm glad you're using the wonderful OS that is Ubuntu! Now, you may have come across a simple yet irritating problem when trying to play rm, rmvb or any other RealMedia files. Don't go running back to Windows just yet! There's a simple solution to that ;)

1- Download the RealPlayer bin package.

Deb Package | Rpm Package

2- Double click the bin file and select install.
~May require downloading more files.
3- That's it! Enjoy watching ;)


New Design!

Hey all! I just made a new design of my blog, hope you like it! I'll be blogging here and on my other blog, Game Circle.